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Monday, August 27th 2007

9:54 PM

The sky is still crying...

17 years ago today, my world, as well as that of many, many others changed, when the news came down that the one and only Stevie Ray Vaughan had died in a helicopter crash. He was a man of immense talent and skill, giving us more "pride and joy" than he could ever have imagined. I don't think I've ever seen anyone who enjoyed playing and performing as much as Stevie did, and he had the undying respect of every other blues musician out there, even the grizzled old veterans like BB King, Buddy Guy, and John Lee Hooker. Guitar God Eric Clapton stated that he was "in the presence of greatness" upon hearing Stevie play for the first time. So, with all the love and respect I can muster for this wonderful and talented musician, I say we still miss you Stevie. R.I.P., my friend...
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Tuesday, August 7th 2007

1:42 AM

Directionally speaking...

The two things in life that I really care about passionately are music and sports, and not necessarily in that order. I blame, or should I say, credit my father for this, since he was both a dj and a tv sports talking head(not to mention the lifelong love of the St. Louis Cardinals). If I'm going to continue blogging, though,  it's time to steer in that direction, because frankly, I just don't have anything constructive to say about anything else. I'm a cranky old fucker who has grown apathetic about the state of the world, so why pretend? So, I'll be focusing most of my attention on my other blog from now on. If I pop in here every now and then, so be it; if not.... 
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Tuesday, July 24th 2007

1:15 AM

Gilmour might like this; Waters.. who knows

I don't normally like covers, especially when it's a classic like Comfortably Numb, but this one is pretty good. It helps when it's Queensryche(one of my faves), joined by Dream Theater. Geoff Tate and James Labrie mesh quite nicely, I think, and the guy on the solo at the end is Dream Theater's John Petrucci.
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Friday, July 13th 2007

12:51 PM

It's not quite dead, but it's on life support

Despite the  denial of an emergency stay petition by the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuitonline radio has received a temporary reprieve from it's almost certain death sentence, as Congress and SoundExchange, the performance rights organization, have come to a temporary agreement. This action will allow small and noncommercial webcasters like Pandora, Rhapsody, and Live365  to continue streaming after the original deadline of Sunday July 15, "without fear of the threat of legal action against them, and may continue doing so as long as good-faith negotiations between the parties are continuing.", according to SoundExchange executive director John Simson.  According to Wired, the deal is not final but creates a window for webcasters to continue broadcasting while a more lasting solution is sought.
All of this hubbub came about as a result of the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) increasing Internet radio's royalty burden between 300 and 1200 percent back on March 2nd, possibly forcing some providers to shut down. At a minimum fee of $500 per pop for rights, regardless of the number of channels, it would have been difficult for many services to continue streaming. However, in the last couple  of weeks, Sound Exchange proposed a cap on "minimum" fees of $50,000 per service — that's $500 per channel up to a maximum of 100 channels.
Simson said there were two conditions attached to this solution,. however: "First, that they become much more complaint in their reporting obligations —only 3 of the top 20 webcasters are in perfect compliance, and only 11 have even tried — and we need to move to census as soon as we can.  And we asked for their help with stream ripping, to work on a technologically-feasible solution."  Simson said he thought DiMA(Digital Media Associates) found both conditions acceptable.
As Kurt Hanson of RAIN states,  although SoundExchange has not offered to put this commitment in writing, it would be hard for them to renege on a commitment they made in front of key Congressmen. So all of you Internet radio fans, breathe a sigh of relief; there still might be light at the end
of the tunnel afterall. Stay tuned...

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Friday, July 6th 2007

2:01 AM

For all the old farts(like me), or just music fans..

The 40 Essential Albums of 1967 according to Rolling Stone. The year itself may have sucked(other than the Cardinals World Series championship), but the music sure didn't. Sadly, I have only one of these still in my possession(Disraeli Gears), and that's on cd. Oh well.. as Mr. Robert Zimmerman once sang;  "Ah, but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now."
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